Boring stuff…

I was born and raised in the small rural town of Orrville, Ohio. I graduated in 2015 from Kent State University with a bachelors degree in Fine Art: Printmaking. In college my interest in Surrealist artists, such as Yves Tanguy & Rene Magritte, drove the creative machine to create art from the subconscious mind.


On my works on paper, I typically create with a combination of Water color, Gauche, Acrylic ink, Sumi and Speedball’s Super Black Ink.

I apply the mediums using a combination Calligraphy pens, Brushes and Airbrush.

Due to my background in Printmaking, I have an obsession with paper. I enjoy experimenting with different types, but my all time preferred paper is Reeves 300lbs cold press paper. It’s about as thick as cardboard.

Occasionally, I will paint with Acrylics on panel, and typically use Golden Paint’s due to their high quality pigments and saturation.

Favorite Brands…

As stated in above in the materials section, Reeves, Golden paints and Speedball’s Super Black inks are my go to. I also love Winsor and Newtons’ watercolors & gauche, Pentel’s brush pens, Liquitex’s acyrlic inks, Faber-Castell’s Pencils, and so many more.

Exploring with new materials, brands and mediums provides new challenges to tackle creative problems, similarly to a puzzle.

Mission as an Artist…

I’m a storyteller and I want the imagery to take the viewer, and myself, on a journey of exploration. I love creating new worlds and characters that could not exist in the real world. Each one of my drawings are like sets on a stage, and the figures act as toys on a stage of make-believe.

My creations act as a reminder to never grow old, never stop playing and always bring a curious mind. Celebrate being human, Celebrate being yourself. Celebrate the good and the bad. And to always stay weird. PEACE.