Well, I’ve never written a post, blog or article about my art. I’m not even sure if people actually read blogs anymore. Why read when you can go to youtube and watch about anything you’d like? Everyone “knows” of a blogger though, they’re suppose to be hip people.

With all jokes aside, I’ve been asking myself why start writing? Why spend so much time, editing, writing, editing and rewriting something that probably nobody will ever see? The answer… I guess I’m doing this for myself, to add yet another creative outlet on an already long list of expression. I want to be able to fully explain “The creative vision,” and also use air quotes without doing the air quotes mime. I want to make sense of it all. Apparently, I feel the need to also share it.

So, what am I going to write about, you ask? Art mainly, story probably… really though.. I’m not entirely sure how this whole process is going to work. Maybe this will be a full time thing, or maybe it’ll only happen once. Well, the last part is a lie, it’ll happen at least twice.

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